Friday, January 21, 2011

Tom and Jerry

Okay, I know the only person that likes a cat is the person that owns it. I have hated all cats for a long time, and swore I would never own one. And Drew... he REALLY HATES cats.
I mean Took-his-sister's-cat-out-to-the-woods-and-left-it HATES.
But, with all the vole and mouse horror stories you hear living in the country, I converted to the idea pretty fast. So fast Drew couldn't really react when I told him "we" were getting one.
The threat of a germy little mouse crawling through my pantry cupboards sent me racing to the store to pick up the first rat-killer I could find. But when I got there I saw this little white and grey ball of fluff and forgot my purpose all together. He was so cute that Drew has to pretend to hate him!
Meet Rocks:
In this story we will call him Tom.
And Jerry...not a reference to his cute little ears!

Most of the time they love each other....

a lot!

They wrestle and play...

and snuggle...

but John loves to pick on Rocks.
And Rocks fights back. When we first got him a few months ago he would wait until John was asleep and sneak onto his bed. I would find him in there sitting so still just watching John. Then out of nowhere he would pounce on John and run and hide!
I realize that as a mom I should be horrified by that, but there is a part of me (maybe a very LARGE part) that takes pleasure in the fact that my little terminator has a rival just as devious as he is!
We love Rocks in this house. He is one-of-a-kind. He thinks he is a dog. He begs for food, is overly affectionate, and plays fetch:
He waits for me to throw his toy.

Then he races at top speed to grab it and bring it back
Ugh! Never thought I was the pet gushing type... I promise this is the last post of it's kind...
until the boys beat us down enough...
and we get a dog...

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Back!

New Year's resolutions and all that! I plan on doing better at keeping you all up to date on the happenings here... So you can stop nagging (you know who you are!)

2010 was good to the Bates Family. I won't bore you with all the details... just the cliff notes.


We hit our 7 year mark! My Rock, my Pillow, my Spider Killer! I love you.

Michael (aka: the rocket launcher)
Zach (aka: the rocket)
The bunk bed (aka: the launching pad)
Do the math:

The resulting moustache scab lasted 3 months.

Daniel turned 3:

John made me wish for more babies:

They all make me want more babies... Can the world handle more Bates Boys?


Michael climbed to the very top and rang the bell!


Digging begins:

John turns 1:


Drew and I sneak away for an overnight date (SWEET!) and climb Timpanogus:

Michael "graduates" Kindergarten, and we cry over leaving the best teacher he will ever have:

Not to brag... but he got the award for being the one who was always doing the right thing! I'm beaming!

We prepare to move here:

Fathers and Sons campout... maybe my favorite day of the year:

We say goodbye:

Don't ask me:

Finally, enough room to stretch our legs:
Fireworks at Liberty Park:

Zach turns 5!

We soak up the last of the summer sun:

New school:

Lizard hunting in the backyard:


Handyman's birthday:
For HIS birthday he built ME a bench!

Drew's best bud Alex comes for a much overdue visit:
And we welcome Rocks (the cat) to the family.

Michael turns 7:


Why is he so cute?!

Thanksgiving at our house:

Grandma Jan comes for a visit:
We chop down a monster "tree" for Christmas:
The End. We had a great Christmas, but the proof is still on the camera. Use your imagination!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Edward Scissor-Hands Strikes Again!


Do your kids ever do something that makes you want to scream, laugh, and cry all at the same time? that just the definition of raising a boy?

I have this thing about baby hair...I might need to lie down on a couch here, so feel free to grab a pencil and a steno pad and mumble, "Hmmm..."

We can all remember the tragic events of 2004, when my "loving" brother ripped my baby from my arms and shaved his tiny little head in front of my eyes...exaggerating? No...well...a little. That night I cried into my pillow for hours because my baby was growing up. I was a little traumatized and I wish THAT was an exaggeration. There is just something kind of awesome about the wispy duck fuzz on top of a baby's head. And once it's gone...well, you might as well pack his bags and ship him off to college, because he's practically there already!

Anyway, back to the relevant events of this post:

Yesterday I was a tad distracted with packing (maybe a lot distracted) and left the boys to play upstairs. Things were going a little too well and I was a little TOO focused to notice that the house was deathly quiet (never a good sign with 4 boys on the prowl).

Then came the stampede.

"Mom! Michael cut his hair!"
"No, I didn't!"
"With the green scissors!"
"He's lying!"

And on and on!

When the smoke cleared I was left with two little boys that looked like they leaned a little too close to the weed wacker!

In my defense I was only momentarily shaken and had the presence of mind to snap a couple of pics. John got a stylish V cut in the front.

You can't really see it, but Michael cut off all his bangs, right down to the nubs!

Do you like the dazed look on his face? I told him to think of his favorite thing. He went to his happy place and when I asked him afterward what he was thinking about he said it was Spencer's Star Wars Legos!

My morning will now be spent buzzing the duck fuzz!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Because I should be cleaning...

My house is messy, my boys are covered in peanut butter, and I am tired... So I'm sitting here blogging instead of getting busy. I think I have about 5 minutes before the peanut butter starts to migrate to the walls and door knobs.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday! I know, I'm old. We stayed up late the night before, and so by the time our heads hit the pillow it was well after midnight. Drew wished me Happy Birthday, and we sleepily pulled out the scriptures to read where we had left off the night before. This was the first sentence that I read..."And thus ended the thirtieth year..." Get it, thus ENDED the 30th year?! Ha, ha , okay, I realize that I'm the only one that finds that coincidence funny.

(*Ahem*) Anyway, the next morning I woke up to a bright shiny new mountain bike waiting for me in the living room: Pretty, huh? And just begging to be taken out on the open road, or really secluded path, since I'm sort of shy that way! So I took a nice long ride all by myself and came home to a clean house!

It was my day to teach Michael's class and of course, my lovely son informed everyone that it was his mommy's 31st birthday (the kid has no shame!) so a classroom full of 6 year olds sang "Happy Birthday" to me while I was holding a styrofoam cake and wearing giant cake shaped glasses! That night Drew baked me a pretty cake and made burgers, while I sat on the couch and watched him. Then we put the kids to bed and watched LOST, because we are obsessed like that! All in all, a pretty awsome day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Little John

The little guy had his first birthday a couple weeks ago, and I am just now posting it (shameful)!
It was such a fun day, mostly because his 3 older brothers were over-the-moon excited about it. I never get tired of how much they adore EVERY holiday. I think it drives Drew a little crazy because they get too worked up to sleep when a big one is coming...They were up until 1 am the night before St. Patrick's Day! So, of course, they were standing by my bed before (WAY before) the crack of dawn in eager anticipation. "Mommy, when can we bake the cake?" "Can John open his presents yet?"

Before breakfast even started this is what our kitchen looked like...

Ande there was a lot of this going on...

All while the birthday boy looked on, drooling.

I had taken the boys to Walmart the day before to pick out a present just from them. Let me tell you, never was so much thought put into one gift. Would John like the Optimus Prime or the Ninja Turtle more? After about 30 minutes in the toy department and with a "little" coaxing from mommy, we headed to the baby section and looked at the toys that posed much less of a choking hazard. There were several votes taken and a few fits thrown, but finally they agreed that the stuffed Tigger was the way to go.

After it was opened and long forgotten by the Birthday boy, I found out why Daniel had been so determined to buy Tigger...
He was in love!

John, however, had a different favorite toy.
We could barely get him to look at any of his other presents.

And then came cake and ice cream. John couldn't quite figure out the fine art of blowing out the candles, but he did give it a try, it the form of spitting on the cake.
I didn't put much thought into the mess that a bright blue and black cake could create in the hands of a 1 year old...
He squished it in between his chubby little fingers.
He sucked on it, and smeared it on his high chair.
In the end, I think he got some of it in his mouth.
I was changing blue diapers for a couple of days after THAT one!
And I still can't quite get it to wash out of the high chair cover!
Happy Birthday my Little Man!